Friday, January 06, 2006

It was great to meet everyone on Wednesday. I have been promoting the community on some of the Coventry_UK forums on LiveJournal, which has been successful with a couple of people saying they might try and come along.

So to introduce myself:

I am Dominique, I am 25... I am actually a bit of an all-round crafter but have recently (3 weeks ago) taken up knitting after learning the very basics (knit and purl, no casting on or off) when I was a child off my speed knitting grandmother. I think I might have inherited her knitting passion because I absolutely love knitting now. I am already addicted to sexy yarn (anything chunky, spray dyed, bulky weight mainly), I like metal needles and I have got may hands on some very nice Addi turbo circulars to knit on. I learnt to knit from the Stich N Bitch handbook and a nice old lady at Coventry station.

Anyway, a picture.... I finished the hat I was knitting on wednesday and have added a detatchable red bow shaped broach so it can be either very Hello Kitty or just vaguely kitty-ish:

Without the bow:

With the bow:


Yolanda-Gypsy said...

Congratulations Dominique the hat looks fantastic - what's next on the agenda?

CraftyLinki said...

I am making a hat for my boyfriend because he is in the US for the for the last two weeks of the month and it is pretty cold on the East coast.. I am making up the pattern as I go along... and after that if my knitting needles have arrived I am going to start my jumper.

steelbreeze said...

Love the hat!