Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A blog entry from Jo

Good morning everyone! First time on here so apologies if I go on a bit.

I've recently joined Facebook and the group 'Addicted to Knitting'. It is really fantastic - I am now in touch with knitters across the world (well, mainly the ones here, in Canada and the US) and asking them which yarns they like.

I went to the Lake District and Scotland at the weekend and have bought some really nice wool. I went to the Wool Clip in the Lake District, which is a co-operative of ladies who all have their own sheep and make their own yarns (they organised the recent Wool Fest there) and then to the New Lanark Mills, just south of Glasgow. It's an absolutely gorgeous place and is a World Heritage Site - see for more info. I've bought a load of yarn from there and now in the process of making a blanket. It's really quite cheap for what it is, but I guess they don't need to make a profit on it as it's a major tourist attraction.

When I was at the Godiva Festival, a lady had a bit of a rant at me about not stocking more yarns from the UK, so I am now looking for small yarn producers a bit closer to home - if anyone knows of any in the area, please let me know!

On a personal note, other projects on the go are a Mango Moon jumper and Debbie Bliss dress (in baby cashmerino) for Zoe.

Most exciting news of the week was a complete bargain purchase on eBay - a Brother knitting machine and attachments, all in excellent condition. I can't wait to get going on my first project, which undoubtedly will be a scarf or squares for a blanket, all in stocking stitch.

See you later at Liquid!

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Twinkle Toes said...

UK yarn I often use from...hipknits, natural dye studio, fybrespates, yarnyard, posh yarn.....

MUCH smaller ones like middleearth yarns on etsy too....

Some use UK spun yarns too, others are "ethical" from abroad.. BUT all dyed in the UK....

Larger one slike colinette then com into the mix too.... but the others get my votes!