Monday, April 06, 2009

Trip to Lee Mills, 4th April 2009

On saturday, three fellow Knit-Wits (Claire, Julie, Jeanette) and I left Coventry at a ridiculously early hour and made our way to Lee Mills, where we were warmly greeted with coffee and lots of cake.

Claire got lost in the yarn mountain almost immediately; we all had great fun fondling the yarn, and not one of us came home without an addition or two to our stash. This year's theme was night-time - they had four shelves of beautiful crocheted bedspreads in white cotton (I want one, but they take too long to make!). There was a mannequin displaying a bedjacket, and another wearing only a hot water bottle, a cape and a smile! The show-and-tell included dainty crocheted bras - they would only have fitted Kate Moss types (what my mother called "pimple dimples") - but I don't think women were as well-endowed back then. Also some bloomers with crochet edging - "wide-awake Wednesdays" - as they were simply two legs attached only at the waistband. Great air-con for the underparts!

I was taken with the Zitron Trekking Hand-art sock wool, and bought three skeins. I just couldn't resist the colours. Clearly, I couldn't choose, either! :) Saving this for my CSM when it comes.

After the talk I tried out the square knitting needles, and NEARLY bought a pair (talked myself out of it) - they are really nice to use, which was quite surprising!

We made it to the pub for just gone 2pm, and sweet-talked the barman into making us some sandwiches. Alas, by the time we emerged it was too late to make it to Ruddington (Lee Mills is on the way to Barnsley so is a good 90 minutes from Nottingham) so we came straight home.

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