Thursday, February 04, 2016

FO: Star Wars gloves


Finished these on the 31st for my nephew's birthday. They were going to be Batman gloves but I decided Star Wars was easier as it's fairisle not intarsia. Thumbs a little long and top ribbing could have been deeper as it's curling a little, but overall a lovely pattern! Found on Ravelry :) He seemed quite pleased - well, as much as you can get communication out of a teenager! :)

This is the year of destash, finish up, tidy up and dejunk the knitting room so that I can decorate it. To that end, there's some stash for sale on Ravelry (I'm steelbreeze). So far nobody's biting at 1p per gramme so I'm going to say "Offers, please!". Postage prices don't help though! :S

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