Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another hello!

Hi everyone!

I don't think I ever really did a proper intro post, tho' I have posted on here a few times.

Anyhoo, I'm Mandy. I started knitting last January, a few months after my son was born as I wanted a hobby that was compatible with a small child (I make cards and cross stitch, but they're not as portable, nor as easy to pick up/put down). I was also suffering a bit from baby blues and needed something to perk me up.

I joined Knit-wits a few months later after a chance post requesting old yarn and needles on Freecycle put me in touch with one of the other members. It was great timing as I really wanted to do something where I was not just a mum, but a person too and this was perfect!

Everyone at the group has really helped me with my knitting and I've made some fab things, including a jacket for my boy, Euan, some lacy scarves as christmas presents, several hats for smotthie bottles, a wrap and evening bag for me and a gnome! Projects on the go include another scarf, a jumper for Euan and a pair of socks.

I'm hoping to learn more techniques this year, such as Fair Isle and Cable, as well as master crocheting. I love working with self patterning yarns and also trying out new yarns and techniques.

I'm a website manager part time, and spend my "days off" looking after, paying and learning with Euan. As well as the crafts mentioned above, I'm a bit of a games buff, both board games and computer/console games, mainly focussing on simulation and role playing games. Love reading - my tastes range from David Eddings and Raymond Feist to Emily Bronte and Jane Austen. I'm a bit of a history buff too - if I ever appeared on Mastermind, my specialist subject would either be the Tudors, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!! Oh and I like salad cream sandwiches.

I think that covers most things!!

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