Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Record number of members tonight

We had 15 members tonight - fabulous!!

Welcome to Esther, Christina, Anne, Karen and Julie, our new members - hope you had fun.

So with so many of us now, I thought I'd lay down a simple challenge to introduce ourselves on this blog and what we are currently working on.

I’ll start…..

Hello, I'm Kellie, I set the group up in Nov 2005 - wow that looks like we have been going for ages! I have knitted and crocheted for years, but sparked a new enthusiasm when I was expecting my first child, Oliver who is now 6 1/2. Since then I have always had multiple projects on the go.

I have recently discovered knitted felt (or should it be felted knit?), which is easier than you think once you have gotten over the fear of putting the finished article in the washing machine and praying that it comes out a decent size and now waste all the precious hour you have just spent working on it!!

I am currently working on the body of the Giant Octopus – 320 stitches on each row, and only 8cm knitted so far! I think I’ll be passing it round next week for willing volunteers to help.
Other hobbies (so many) – needle felting, handspinning (wheel & drop spindle), Re-enactment and LRP

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